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Network Installation Service

Wi-Fi Woes?

The internet service providers are responsible for keeping their network working, not yours. When ISP support falls short it is time to give us a call.

Do you use Netgear? If you do, we need to talk. Sure, you can spend $300+ at a retail store on equipment with crazy specs, but you will still end up with home-grade hardware and reliability.

Smart Unifi will set up business-grade equipment that’s designed for speed and reliability. Have your cake and eat it without having to reboot your router to watch netflix.






The world has continued to become more integrated with the technology of modern age, nearly everything seems to be on a network. The demand for a better and more reliable connection is essential for any home or business. Our experience and attention to detail makes us the most trusted brand to deliver reliable results for your home or business. 

Structured Wiring Service

Smart Unifi Installs specializes in structured wiring. Our Network Solutions cover Category 6, Category 7, Category 8 and Fiber Optics. We can conceal low voltage wiring in the interior or exterior. We offer services for pre-construction and post construction. Our services include underground and between buildings. 

Structured Network Service

Every building is unique and your network can under-perform when you do not have the right equipment. A structured network is the most important component in any network. This is the transmission of data across a network. 

Smart Unifi Installs can build an infrastructure that is reliable so that data can run across your network fast and consistently. 


  • Our products have 1 year limited manufacture warranty.

  • Our services have a 30 day service from date of of services. 

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